My JCI Life

Bloopers:  Behind the Scenes of JCI-Ozamis Red Rose Term 2012

With the unavailability of the Red Roses at times, I had a secret support group who voluntarily helped me out for the success of any Red Rose activity.  A big thanks to my Papa, Mama, sister June Ann, cousin Morishka Nicole, and storekeeper Len2x for being my alalays! :)
Papa as My School Bus
Mama and June Ann Packing Food for Cotta Kids
Morishka Teaching Lessons to the Cotta Kids
Len2x Packing for Bagyong Sendong Relief Operation
To my MUHS previous co-teachers who would always say "game" to every fun activity Red Rose had!
Without You, Girls I Wouldn't Have These Gavel and Medal.  So the Biggest Thanks to You!:)
And of course, thanks to all sponsors who were so generous in giving their in-kind donations to JCI-Ozamis Red Rose Term 2012!
Nature's Spring
Lipstik Pop
Mom's Sweet Delight
Esim Hardware and Ria Thrifty Mart
Magnolia Health Drinks

A Walk to Remember:  The Valedictory Speech

To our 2013 RVP JCI Mem. Troy Asugas,
To our 2013 AVP JCI Mem. Marlo Atilano,
To our 2013 LO President JCI Mem. Vanissa Ajonan,
To our 2013 JCIP National President JCI Sen. Ryan C. Ravanzo,
To all visiting JCI local organizations headed by their chapter presidents or chief delegates,
To my JCI-Ozamis Red Rose titas, friends, and guests, good evening!

It is a great honor to be given the opportunity to be a part of JCI-Ozamis Red Rose.  Much more when the whole group put their trust in you to become their leader.  Becoming a leader is not an easy job.  It entails you to sacrifice yourself to be of service to others.  There were a lot of challenges for the past year and I am so glad I had a very supportive circle of Titas backing me up.

In this regard, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my new members, Arbie, Efie, Diane, and Edz.  Thank you so much for heeding the call into becoming JCI members.  To my officers who worked so hard for the success of any activity, May and MM.  Thank you for always coming on time and leaving the last during meetings.  To my advisers who in just one call would directly come to help, Tita Jane, Tita Yvonne, Tita Lilibeth, Tita Maricar, Tita Pamela, and Tita Elisa.  To Tita Lea who is always liking our photos in Facebook.  To Tita Elena whose house is always open for meetings and to Papa Johnny for the sumptuous meals.  To Tita Abeth whose ride is always ready to bring us to places.  To Tita Tata whose publicity prowess made us known to the whole of Misamis Occidental.  To IPP Lowela for guiding me on what to do.  To Judy Baldo for helping me out in the solicitation for Nature’s Spring water and JCI Sen. Eon’s Lipstik Lollipops.  And most specially to Tita Sharon for being my Achie all throughout the way!  Achie Ann’s support had given me so much strength and encouragement to go on.  I know words are not enough, Achie but I will be forever grateful to you and to Tito Daddy and Tita Mommy.  I am forever indebted to your goodness and kind heart. 

Special thanks also to our 2013 National President, JCI Sen. Ryan C. Ravanzo for always visiting us here in Ozamis.  Thank you, NP for always giving us your valuable time and your unending support.  And to our 2013 LO President, Vanissa.  Good luck to your term and may you bring the name of JCI-Ozamis Red Rose into greater heights.

One year of leading a group has been the longest one for me.  And I realized that one year of leading a group can both be a hit or a miss.  Sometimes, you can hit the target but oftentimes, you miss it.  I apologize for whatsoever shortcomings I might have had as a leader. And though I am not physically present here tonight, I would just like to say that JCI will always be in my heart.  I learned a lot from the trainings, the fellowships, and the bondings.  Indeed, my JCI-Ozamis Red Rose experience is a walk to remember.  JCI-Ozamis Red Rose, you will always be special to me. 

Receiving the Gavel:  My Graduation

Each year, all local organization presidents are given a gavel which symbolizes authority.  But for me, it doesn't just symbolizes authority but also as a diploma proving that I had finished a course in JCI.  And that course is not a degree but a course which is a path that I had undertaken in my life.  So as I received my gavel, I considered it as my graduation from JCI.  Just like in school, I had learned a lot.  Just like in school, there must be a commencement.  And that commencement means a beginning to another chapter of a book to be written.  I now have my fill of JCI and it's about time to look forward to its application in real life!
Receiving My Gavel From 2012 National President Ivan Ruste
And what is a graduation without an award?  Luckily for me, I had caught up in attending the President's Academy.  Thanks to National Training Director Samuel Bobiles for giving me the opportunity to do so!  And I am so proud to boast that I got a silver medal for being one of the most outstanding students during the academy!
With NTD Samuel, JCI Trainer Mennen Aracid, Host Chapter President Gina Ritter-Lee, and Other Outstanding LO Presidents Batch Blackout

The President's Report

Term 2012 Got the Most Number of JCI-Ozamis Red Rose New Members

1. JCI Mem.  Arbie Marie O. Yaplito
2. JCI Mem.  Dianne M. Santos
3. JCI Mem.  Edelyn Jane Gutierrez
4. JCI Mem.  Grace Esadore E. Maquiling
5. JCI Mem.  Khristine Marie Peñafiel
6. JCI Mem.  Maria Efie S. Milanes
7. JCI Mem.  Sarah M. Yongod

Term 2012 Community

1. Cotta Kids
3. Beyond Prison Walls
4. St. Joseph Home of the Elderly Visitation
5. St. Joseph Orphanage Visitation
6. Keep on Running Keep 'em Smiling Fun Run

Term 2012 Individual 

1. New Members Orientation
2. Office Bearer Course
3. Badminton Tournament and Fun Games
4. Let's Zumba!!!

Term 2012 Internationalism

1. 32nd Induction and Turn-Over Ceremony
2. Motorcade
3. Presidents' Midyear Academy in Bohol
4. Area Conference in Iligan City
5. Presidents' Academy in Sto. Domingo, Albay
6. National Conference in Legazpi City
Term 2012 Business

Business Opportunity Meetings
    a. Alliance in Motion Global
    b. CNI
    c. One Network Bank
    d. RCBC

Term 2012 is TOP 15 in Area V!

Celebrating My 30th Birthmonth with JCI
Birthday Celebration with the Cotta Kids (October 28, 2012)

And I really couldn't get-over with turning 30!  So on October's last Sunday, I celebrated my birthmonth with the Red Roses again for the third time at Supermix!  And for this time, we made the celebration extra special by visiting our "mga alaga", the Cotta Kids!  
Merienda at Supermix
Feeding at Cotta Square

Excerpt from The Fourth Cake  (October 27, 2012)

Celebrating my 30th birthmonth has never been this GREAT!!!  I thought the celebration ended with a third cake from my sister but my mom initiated a birthday outing surprise for me!  Her accomplices were my Auntie Lourding, Auntie Bebot, Kuya Jun2x, and my JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose family especially Achie Ansha.:)

The Red Roses kidnapped me and brought me all the way to Sinacaban!  When we arrived, my whole family was already there waiting for me.
My Red Rose Family

Excerpt from Better @ 30:  An After-Party Post!  (October 20, 2012)

another year
another life
another miracle
proud to reach the big 3 oh!

A week after my birthday, here I am mulling things over.  My conscious mind and physical body are a bit settled and it's a great time for some "me" moment and self reflection.  Just how great God is for giving me an extension to live with this mortal body in a mortal world.  Just how blessed I am for Him to give me all the chances to be better in every aspect of this borrowed life!

From the frail little girl I was, I had developed into this very healthy and confident woman I am today!  I could prove that since the last time I got sick was when I was in third year high school due to typhoid fever.  God forbid, that is really an achievement for me not to get sick in 15 whole years!  

Proof #2, I can now express myself in whatever way I please!  I wear what I want, say what I want, and do what I want!  Although there are still some reservations, I can still say that I am confident compared with the little miss insecure me before!

Now how do I say that I got better?  The evidences are..... ever beautiful red roses who do not just support me but love and accept me for who I am.
Exact Birthday Celebration at Small Talk Café, Legazpi City

The JCI Stand on Mindanao Environment

As a leading global network of young active citizens to create positive change, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines is again taking part in saving Mother Earth.  Particularly in Mindanao wherein conservation of watersheds is highly prioritized, JCI Mindanao Area declared its support for the Mindanao Nurturing Our Waters (MindaNOW) program last September 8, 2012 in Iligan City.  Here's the 32nd Mindanao Area Conference (MAC) Output (Our Stand on Mindanao Environment) official press release:

32nd Mindanao Area Conference

1st Area Council Meeting / Regional Council Meeting - absent
2nd Area Council Meeting / Regional Council Meeting - absent
3rd Area Council Meeting / Regional Council Meeting - absent
4th Area Council Meeting / Regional Council Meeting - present!

That had been my record of attendance for the major major functions in the JCI world.  Why was that so?  

Before my presidency, I told myself not to miss any function or event in JCI.  But when I turned president, I hadn't kept my word.  There were plenty of circumstances that happened just before the dates of the said functions came.  As such, I had to attend to my various jobsbusiness, and family first.  At those times, I couldn't compromise.  I had to prioritize the most important things at the moment.  But this doesn't mean that JCI isn't important to me.  This doesn't mean that JCI doesn't matter at all.  It was just for a while that it became the least of my priorities.     

Luckily, I had breathe a bit this past days that I had made time to attend the AreaCon!  It was held at Iligan City last September 7-9, 2012 and was being hosted by JCI-Dayang Dayang.  
Arrival at Iligan with baby Edz Gutierrez

With the theme, Opportunities, New Hope and Challenges Empowerment (O.N.E.) for Mindanao, the conference started with the Incoming LO Presidents Forum at the Conference Room, Cheradel Suites.  Since I haven't brought with me our incoming president, I got to sat there to re-echo some briefing and instructions for the upcoming 2012 Presidents Academy. 
I Haven't Attended Mine Last Year.....:(
The forum only took for a while for me since I was late but I was glad enough to have ample time for the Opening Ceremony at the Celebrity Dome, Cheradel Suites.
My First Time to Walk Down the Aisle with the Other Chapter Presidents!
After the formalities, the White Rave Party began!  It was hosted by JCI-Cagayan de Oro chapters for their bid for NatCon 2014.
A Night of Dancing and Tequila!!!
The Red Roses enjoyed CDO night with the unlimited street foods offered by the CDO We Go food carts! 
CDO We Go!  Natcon 2014
The following day was the Opening Plenary Session at FKF Party Plaza.  That was my first time to attend a plenary as a president.  It was good enough that I had attended one when I was still a secretary.  So I wasn't that naive on what to do during the plenary.  Hehe....
My First Time to Sit in the Red Rose Seat After All My Absences
Soon after, a project on saving the environment was proposed.  MindaNOW was officially launched and all the chapter presidents signed the commitment on preserving Mother Earth.  It was a ceremonial signing for us to always remember the duty we now have.
I Can Take Part in Saving the Environment! 
On the second night of the conference was the Gawad Mindanaw Awards Night.  Honestly, I never had the idea what would the awards be until that night.  For that was also my first time to attend an Awards Night in JCI.  If only I knew some mechanics, I would have tried.  But it's best to work without aiming for awards that much, right?  Because by then, the motive would be changed thus defeating the purpose of true service to humanity. 
Parade of Colors (Lining Up With the Other Chapter Presidents)
After the awarding ceremonies was the Roaring 20's Party hosted by JCI-Davao chapters for their bid for NatCon 2014.  The ladies glammed up in their feathered hats, long pearl necklaces, and gloves!  At the same time, the men were in their three-piece suits, suspenders, and homburg hats!
Dashing Men  and Glamorous Ladies of JCI

The Red Roses also enjoyed Davao night with the Davao Unconventional blast of music and giveaway shirts!  This time, JCI went wild and partied hard for it was the last night of the conference - the best time to let loose!  The best time to bond more and the best time to be out of the ordinary!  
Davao Unconventional 2014!
The morning after was a headache but we had to kick our ass out from bed for the Closing Plenary Session at Kuzina Iliganon.
The Last Plenary for 2012
The JCI Election followed and together with other two Red Roses, I casted my vote.  The election was not that challenging for me since there were no choices for the top three national officers.  Meanwhile, I was glad because NT 2012 Ryan Ravanzo is now NP 2013!  Congratulations, NP and good luck to your term!  Rest assured that the Red Roses are just here to support you all the way!:)
Dropping In My Ballot
And that ended the three-day conference.  Then there's no other way to celebrate a very successful onto but a scoop of ice cream for every beautiful Red Rose!
At Gaizano Mall, Iligan
Congratulations, AVP 2012 Steve Arquiza for a job very well done for Area V!:)
Red Roses with AVP Steve

2012 JCI-Ozamis Red Rose Projects
Cotta Kids Bible Story Reading and Feeding

It's More Fun to Hike!  (July 10, 2012)
Photo credits to Yieldeza Ebale
The sporty Red Roses supported the Keep on Running Keep 'em Smiling Fun Run organized by the Philippine Dental Association spearheaded by the Ozamiz City chapter president, Dr. Jun Anteola last July 8, 2012.  With the goal to give free surgery to the less fortunate kids with cleft lip and cleft palate in Ozamiz, the fun run started and ended at the City Hall ground with three designated tracks for the 3K, 5K, and 10K categories.
Photos grabbed from Donalducks Blando
Together with the local government, various businesses, offices, and local organizations took part in the said fund-raising.  But nothing beats joining an activity for a cause if you're joyfully doing it with friends.  That through thick and thin during the journey, nobody's left behind.  So as a group, the Red Roses just turned it into a fun hike!   
The Red Roses may had finished last but what matters most is the bonding we had all the way! 
It was also great to see old friends!  A citywide event is just a way too better opportunity to catch up a bit than just getting updates through Facebook.
Photo credits to Charelle Macalisang
With the ladies in red, the Fun Run had painted the town red.  For who else could have turned it into a fun hike but only the beautiful Red Roses who keep on smiling no matter how exhausted they had become during the activity!

Let's Zumba!!!  (July 2, 2012)

JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose supports the Let's Zumba!!! project of Councilor July L. Go and Girlet Luansing in cooperation with Mayor Nova Princess P. Echavez, who is also the Vice President for Community of the said organization.  The project had its pilot start-up last March 2012 and was officially launched last June 30, 2012 with the Misamis Union High School faculty as sponsors.

With the choreography of Miss Maria Tisha Tamparong, the project aims to promote health and wellness among Ozamiznons.  Zumba is a dance exercise as already featured in Fitness First that would make you sweat all the way!  It was designed for people who want to stay fit while also having fun!
People from all walks of life and people of all ages come to join and enjoy this fitness program of the local government for free!  Zumba sessions are now on-going every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 5:30 AM to 6:30 AM at the City Hall ground.
  So, come and join us!  
Go for Health
Go Exercise
Go for a Healthy Life!
JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose with Miss Tisha, the City Council staff, and Misamis Union High School  faculty

My First Adventure as President B
A Delayed President’s Travel Tips (March 24, 2012)

I’ve always been a master planner for everything!  I planned my to-do lists, my to-buy lists, what to wear the next day, and even the littlest detail as to what FB status I would post for the next minute!  I planned because I wanted things to be oh so-perfect for the little miss perfect me!

But since I became the president of our chapter, I had stopped planning in advance.  I don’t know why but it seemed like “my” plannings didn’t work out that well.  So I just injected in my mind not to plan things to be perfect anymore and would just let life take me by surprise instead.

So, I didn’t plan my trip to attend the Presidents’ Midyear Academy.  To start with, I didn’t get tickets for my way to Bohol (usually I book tickets a month before my travel date).  As a consequence, I got stranded in Cebu which made me super late for the academy.  So based from my oh so-sablay experience, allow me to share with you some amateurishly-designed travel tips.

Travel Tip #1:  Decide right away!

If you are asked to go some place, decide right away whether to go or not to go.  Do not be fickle-minded because if you would delay this, this would be the cause of all the delays waiting ahead of your trip.

Travel Tip #2:  Book tickets right away!

If you had made up your mind where to go, book tickets right away.  Surf the net for the most accessible mode of transport.  And since it’s time everyone flies, you might get reasonably-priced accommodations.

Travel Tip #3:  Travel light!

Only pack the necessities.  Do not bring extra clothes and extra footwear.  Mix and match your outfits, fix ‘em, and stick with ‘em.  It’s regretful to go back home with only half of your luggage got soiled.

Travel Tip #4:  Stick with the itinerary!

Do not detour.  If there’s already an itinerary, follow it.  Do not go with the flow and leave the itinerary in an impulse.  Think twice before going somewhere else or you might end up getting to a place where you had been to before.

But as always, all things work together for good.  I may have missed major things from the academy, then again life took me by surprise!

Surprise #1

For the millionth time, I became an instant tour guide for my fellow delayed presidents in Cebu.  I let them walk and rode on jeepneys as I brought them to Basilica Minore del Santo Niῆo de Cebu and Magellan’s Cross.

Surprise #2

I was in the same fastcraft with my fave South Border vocalist, Luke Mijares. 
Surprise #3

I was warmly-welcomed by all the cuties of JCI-Davao at the peir.
Surprise #4

I graduated from the academy with only 1 ½ topics attended.
Surprise #5

I received my president shirt jock especially hand-carried by the Secretary General, Atty. Mark Lester Manalo.
Surprise #6

I got a more picturesque photo with the chocolate hills compared with what I had 6 years ago.
Surprise #7

I got to visit the miraculous well of Our Lady of the Assumption at Dauis Church and the 65-year old forever young, Bayoyoy as featured in Rated K by Korina Sanchez.
Surprise #8

Nonetheless, I got the opportunity to bond with Tita Lilibeth (PP, Ozamiz Red Rose), Pres Boyet (Pagadian Heights), Pres Arvin (Calamba Jose Rizal), Pres Choy (San Pablo 7 Lakes), Pres Onie and wife Cathy (Tacloban), Pres Ron (Baguio Inc.), Pres Bryan (Catbalogan), Pres Cathy (Sta. Rosa Prima), Pres Jofer and wife Pres Cathy (Kabankalan), and Pres Maleth (Bohol Chocolate Hills).
Then all the delays of my trip were all worth it!  And as I mulled things over today, I realized that it’s not the sablays that matter but the people I met along the journey matter most.

So to whoever plans a trip, do consider the above-mentioned tips.  Just don’t expect too much for things to happen according to plan so you might also double the surprises apart from the mishaps that would have happened.

Hurray to the delayed presidents!  Hurray that I had survived my trip from Tagbilaran – Jagna - Cagayan de Oro - Ozamiz alone!  (another consequence of my negligence)   

26th JCI Week Celebration Day 7
Theme:  "It's a great time to be a JCI Member!"

April 21, 2012

St. Joseph Orphanage Visitation
  • Vitamin A was given to each child.
  • A pair of slippers was given to each child.
  • Parlor games were held for the children to enjoy.
  • JCI Sen. Eon Tiu’s Lipstik Lollipops were given as prizes to the kids.
  • Everybody (young and old) was happy during PP Elena’s birthday bash. 
Thank you, Lipstik Pop of JCI Sen. Eon Tiu and
Nature's Spring Alkaline Water!:)

26th JCI Week Celebration Day 6
Theme:  "It's a great time to be a JCI Member!"

April 20, 2012

And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

JCI reaches out to the world through its community services.  So the Red Roses started out visiting the St. Joseph Home for the Elderly to distribute assorted grocery items to the neglected senior citizens of Ozamiz City.

Thank you, Esim Hardware!:)

26th JCI Week Celebration Day 5
Theme:  "It's a great time to be a JCI Member!"

April 19, 2012

That earth's great treasure lies in human personality....

JCI believes that the holistic development of an individual affects the total well being of the universe.  For what you send out to the universe will be manifested in you.  So, JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose conducted a badminton tournament and held fun games in order to foster camaraderie among its members.  The activities were held at Cotta Square and all Red Roses had so much fun, fun, fun!!!  

26th JCI Week Celebration Day 4
Theme:  "It's a great time to be a JCI Member!"

April 18, 2012

That government should be of laws rather than of man....

JCI is also comprised of people from the political realm so another goal of the organization is to train leaders.  As a training ground, the JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose held the Office Bearer Course to train the new set of officers in the chapter.  JCI Mem. Jane Marie L. Tabucan, PNEVP, Area 5 & CNT  successfully trained the 2012 LO officers.

26th JCI Week Celebration Day 3
Theme:  "It's a great time to be a JCI Member!"

April 17, 2012

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise....

JCI is mostly comprised of people from the business world so one of the organization's goals is to promote business networking and business matching.  With that in mind, the JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose conducted a business opportunity meeting wherein the organization invited staff from Alliance in Motion Global to introduce their products.  The masses of Ozamiz were also invited to hear the orientation and the organization encouraged them to join the business for additional income. 

Thanks to Alliance in Motion Global and Golden Chicken Haus!

26th JCI Week Celebration Day 2
Theme:  "It's a great time to be a JCI Member!"

April 16, 2012

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations....

Beyond Prison Walls is JCI Philippines’ gesture of humanitarian service.  Launched last June 2010 at Iloilo City, this national project had become an annual event to be conducted by all JCI local organizations.  As an all-lady chapter, the JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose packed toiletries for the prisoners of BJMP (Ozamiz City Jail).  In addition, gallons of paints were also given in order to finish their repainting project for the prison cells.  After the turn-over, the prisoners of Ozamiz City were so grateful that there are people in the community who are still mindful of them.    

Many thanks to our sponsors, Esim Hardware and Ria Thrifty Mart for the support!:)

26th JCI Week Celebration Day 1
Theme:  "It's a great time to be a JCI Member!"

April 15, 2012

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life....

The day started with a Thanksgiving Mass at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Ozamiz City.  Vice President-Business Arbie Marie O. Yaplito spearheaded the Red Roses as the JCI Week Project Chairman.  

JCI Mem. Arbie Together with Baby Edz Gutierrez Giving the Offering 

After the mass, the Red Roses had their motorcade around Ozamiz to promote public awareness of the organization's existence in the city.  Various local businesses joined the motorcade namely, Supermix, FMC Ma School, Esim Hardware, Elizabeth Pharmacy, UP Coffee of CNI, Nature's Spring, and Fascino.  The Alternative Learning System (ALS) of the Department of Education also graced the occasion.

Thanks to the Ozamiz City Police for the Cooperation!:)
With the guidance of our JCI Week Project Commissioner, Past President and member of the Board of Directors, JCI Mem. Expedita "Thata" Roxas, the JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose's Celebration of the JCI Week Day 1 ended up with a tremendous success!  

From Baby B to President B:  The Inaugural Speech

To our Past NEVP JCI Sen. Patrick Melbert Borbon,
To our Past NEVP JCI Mem. Jane Marie L. Tabucan,
To our Immediate Past President JCI Mem. Lowela S. Silva,
To the President of JCI Misamis Senate JCI Sen. Judy B. Baldo,
To our City Councilor Hon. Simplicia “Bebie” Neri,
To our guest speaker 2012 JCIP National Treasurer JCI Sen. Ryan C. Ravanzo who will be properly introduced later,
To all visiting JCI local organizations headed by their chapter presidents or chief delegates,
To my Papa and Mama, friends, and guests, Good evening!

August 18, 2008 (if I’m not mistaken) when I crossed path with Dinah Torres Herrera at Medina Call Center.  We were aspiring call center agents that in no time, she became my supervisor when I was a team leader.  I didn’t know what she saw in me and another team leader, Anna May Hilot that she convinced us to join her organization.  It was the Junior Chamber International, Ozamiz Red Rose Chapter.

But I didn’t take it seriously.  I hadn’t heard of the organization but Ate Dinah told us, “Just see for yourself.  One thing for sure, you’ll enjoy!”  Then she invited May and I to her wedding anniversary dinner on January 30, 2009.  During the intimate dinner party, she introduced us to Ann Sharon Lee, Ozamiz Red Rose’s incoming president at that time. 

Then we spent the whole evening talking about Jaycees.  Ate Dinah told us plenty of Jaycee stories for she had been in the organization for years!  Sharon also said that in her two years of being a Jaycee, she had already learned a lot. 

So on February 8, 2009 after the New Members Orientation, Ate Bern, May, and I filed our registration forms and were officially inducted as baby Jaycees on March 28, 2009 in this very same room.  But after the induction, I said to myself, “That would be the last Jaycee event I am attending.”  I didn’t like it for everybody were “big” people.  There were politicians, managers, owners of business establishments, and the like.  I didn’t fit in.

But Sharon didn’t left us.  She was so persistent in doing follow-ups and in holding fun activities for the group to enjoy.  That on April 2009, we went to Iligan to celebrate JCI Week together with the Iligan Inc. Chapter.  Our camaraderie with our twin chapter strengthened that we supported each other’s activities for the terms of past president (PP) Ritche Rubio and our very own PP Sharon.

So I didn’t left the organization and I just took heed under Atsi Ann’s leadership that by the end of her term, I was awarded as the Most Outstanding Baby Jaycee.  Through that, I was inspired and I came to love being a part of the organization!  Then I held office as Secretary during PP Maria Carmel Mabanag’s term and Vice President-Internationalism during PP Lowela Silva’s term.

Then I had travelled to places, I had known “people”, and I had experienced friendship from all over the Philippines and not to boast, Asia!  I had also learned how to enrich myself, how to be a responsible Filipino citizen, and how to become a model leader.

Moreover, being a part of the organization since 2009 had fostered my holistic growth.  It taught me to live not just for myself but also for the others.  It broadened my horizon and let me experience things I hadn’t imagined I could do.  It encouraged me to create positive change by improving myself in order to reach out to the world.  Three years in JCI had made me into this better person I am today.

With that, I had built courage for the very first time in my life.  Assuming presidency was the least thing that I could ever imagine.  But with all my Tita Red Roses’ support, I am confident that we could get through this year with flying colors.  I am intending for this year to be child-friendly.  Since most of us are educators, I am now proposing to my beautiful Red Roses a project to nurture the young minds of the Cotta kids.

These less fortunate kids are already working for their living so they haven’t gone to school.  We always say that the kids are our future so why do parents are allowing that?  Sad to say, due to difficult circumstances, they don’t have any choices.  And being a fellow human being, we see the problem and it’s up to us to acknowledge it or not.  It’s also up to us whether to take action or not.  And as learned in JCI, I chose to take action. 

So after this induction, I will convene with the Red Roses on strategic planning for this project so we can give an appropriate name for this one.  Hopefully my dear Red Roses, we will work hand in hand for the betterment of our society.  Now let me end this by saying, “From being your baby B, I am now taking on the responsibility to be your president B!”  

With the love and support of my family and God above, I am now ready to face the challenges this term would bring.  Adelante, JCI Philippines!  Adelante, JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose!

Meet the JCI People
Kentaro Harada - 2011 JCI World President
One Esplanade, Manila

Dr. Elvira L. Henares-Esguerra - Two-Time Guinness World Record Awardee, an ambassadress for breastfeeding
Annabelle's, Quezon City

2011 Outstanding Filipino Physicians
Annabelle's, Quezon City

Rep. Joseph Victor "JV" Ejercito - Congressman, Greater Manila Area
PICC, Manila

Rafael “Boydee” P. Dizon III - President of Magnificat Ventures Corp.
Cotta, Ozamiz City

JCI Sen. Nelson Tan - 2011 President, JCI Philippines Senate
JCI Manila Headquarters

Alamid - Philippines' most famous boy band
Manila Hotel

Hon. Antonio Cerilles - Governor,  1st District of Zamboanga del Sur
Guillermo Hotel, Pagadian City

Rep. Aurora Cerilles - Congressman,  2nd District of Zamboanga del Sur and Hon. Ace Cerilles - Mayor of Dumalinao, Zamboanga del Sur
Alindahaw Hotel, Pagadian City

Rep. Victor Yu - Congressman,  1st District of Zamboanga del Sur
Alindahaw Hotel, Pagadian City

Rep. Seth Frederick "Bullet" Jalosjos - Congressman, 1st District of Zamboanga del Norte
Fantasyland, Dapitan City

Edwin Guinto - Managing Director, AktivNation, Inc. (Philippine's Top Event Organizing Company) and Jay Edward Dy Amatong - owner of hotel chains in Dipolog City
Pagadian City

Mr. & Mrs. Ike Gamalinda - owners of Gamalinda Funeral Services
Dipolog City

Rep. Leo Ocampos - Congressman, 2nd District of Misamis Occidental
Ozamiz City

Hon. Hermie Ramiro - Governor,  2nd District of Misamis Occidental
Ozamiz City

Hon. Aldong Parojinog - ABC Chairman of Ozamiz City
Ozamiz City

Hon. & Mrs. Ardot Parojinog - Board Member, 2nd District of Misamis Occidental
Ozamiz City
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My Firsts in JCI

Being a part of an organization fosters a person’s holistic growth.  It teaches us to live not just for ourselves but also for the others.  It broadens our horizon and let us experience things we hadn’t imagined we could do.

I, myself can attest to that for I had been a JCI member since 2009.  Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a membership-based nonprofit organization.  It is a leading global network of young active citizens.  It encourages everyone to create positive change by improving one’s self in order to reach out to the world.  Three years in Jaycees had made me into this better person I am today as mentioned in My Potpourri – My Royal Redness.

With that, I would like to share JCI to you, my dear readers.  That’s the reason for the birth of this new page, My JCI Life here in my blog.  So allow me to start with my “JCI firsts”.  Like sweethearts having their first date, first dance, and first kiss, I too have a number of sweet firsts in JCI as follows:

First Meeting – New Members Orientation

I was hesitant to join the organization because of the registration fee which was PhP 1,500.00.  At that time, Fascino was still starting and I was unemployed.  That was big enough money for me to squander!  But I didn’t know what opted me to sign up that on that very day, I filed my application form.
February 8, 2009, New Central Restaurant

First Chapter Induction – JCI Sen. Ann Sharon T. Lee’s Term

I was culture-shocked!  Prominent people from outside Ozamiz came to grace our induction.  As I went home after the party, I realized that I didn’t fit in the organization.  Who am I to mingle with such “big” people in the society?  I was just a struggling businesswoman then.
JCI. Mem. Yvonne Susane E. Abing Inducted us as Baby Jaycees

First Onto – JCI Week Celebration 2009 at Iligan City

Onto is the JCI term for travel.  I didn’t want to go but PP Ann was so persistent letting us, baby Jaycees to go.  So I went and gave JCI another try.  Surprisingly, I enjoyed!  I realized that mingling with high-profile people is not that awkward because they are all accommodating.
April 18, 2009, Ma. Cristina Falls

First Onto Induction – JCI-Greater Dipag Chapter Induction at Dipolog City

JCI has thousands of chapters.  There are male chapters, female chapters, and coed chapters.  When a chapter has its induction, other chapters are invited to witness and celebrate with it.  It is also high-time for fellowship with other JCI members.
September 18, 2009, Bamboo Garden

First Sidetrip – Aliguay Island, Dapitan

Atty. Michael Alan Z. Ranillo, 2003 National President of JCI Philippines owns a parcel of the island.  He has a well-furnished rest house and a beach resort with complete facilities.  I was so overwhelmed with the VIP treatment he and his wife, PP Lea B. Ranillo gave us.  The couple is so hospitable that I consider them as my power couple in JCI.      
A Weekend to Remember

First Training – JCI Achieve Course

This is the JCI Local Organization Development Course that uses discussions and case studies to understand and establish the local organization’s identity, its purpose, and what to do to accomplish JCI’s Mission.  I was lucky to have this as my first training because it enabled me to fully understand what I was getting into.
JCI Mem. Steve Arquiza, JCI Trainer

First Conference – 2009 3rd ACM/RCM

Area Council Meeting/Regional Council Meeting is designed for local chapters in an area to convene thrice a year.  There are trainings, plenary sessions, and a fellowship night.  I was privileged that on my first year in the organization, JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose had the honor to host it.
July 18, 2009, Bethany Gardens

First Office Held – 2010 LO Secretary

From a baby Jaycee to a regular member, I became secretary during JCI Sen. Maria Carmel Mabanag’s term.  I learned a lot doing JCI reports and I came to know the organization more.  I became an active member this time that I went to a lot of onto inductions in order for me to know more JCI members!
Business Opportunity Meeting, Supermix Lutong Pilipino

First Project – Oplan Kaagapay (Bagyong Sendong Relief Operation)

With a heavy heart because of the typhoon’s devastation, I extended my hand to help.  As the Red Roses went along the way in collecting donations, they kiddingly appointed me as chairperson.  I didn’t take it seriously for all I focused at that time was to help.  But when we arrived at the JCI-Iligan Inc. clubhouse, I took the title as chairperson when the Red Roses pointed out that I was.
December 23, 2011, Brgy. Mandulog, Iligan City

It feels so good to reminisce some good ol’ memories.  It feels so good to refresh JCI excitement.  With everything I had learned and experienced, the PhP 1,500 registration fee had given its justice.  

This is just a teaser for all of you, my readers.  I officially welcome you to My JCI Life and brace yourself for more!

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