Thursday, August 27, 2015

Arnold-Daisy Nuptials

And more love is in the air this month of August! :) Another close friend of mine walked down the aisle last week which made me "career" my #tosomweddings posts!  Hehe..... Anyway, Daisy was a high school classmate/lunchmate and schoolmate in college.  She was always the serious type, the one who doesn't squeal for cute boys unlike me.  To be honest, until now I couldn't remember if she even had a crush way back then.  She was shy, quiet, reserved, and very down to earth.  The only thing that pushed her to talk about in second year high school was the longest running Philippine teleserye Mara Clara of Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes.  Oh, how time flies so fast that we even caught up with the modern-day version of Mara Clara of Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes.

It was only last year that Daisy told us about a certain man for the very first time and I was so kilig by then!  She met Arnold in Qatar where they fell in "love at first sight" (as what Arnold said in their wedding banquet)!  Oh, they are just so in love with each other!  The ceremony was held at Tabid Catholic Church where Daisy grew up.  I was sorry for not having witnessed their vows for I still had my class that I couldn't leave.  I was glad that Marestelle and daughter Niña were there so I managed to grab a photo from the ceremony of the very cute flower girl for the event.

Then thanks to Marestelle for picking me up for the reception held at RA7 Medina Waters Resort.  There I finally met Arnold personally aside from being FB friends.  I also got the chance to meet his mom and dad who were super accommodating.  I thanked God for giving Daisy not just a good and loving husband but also warm and friendly parents-in-law.

At the same time, Daisy's whole family was of course there and I also had the chance to see my previous Physics major student, Reina.  She is now a licensed teacher, following my footsteps teaching science at Chinese School.

The whole wedding package was by Ramil's Creation.  They took care of everything from the littlest to the biggest wedding odds and ends.  They are partners with Warren's Arts and Studio for photography and videography.  So for a fuss-free wedding, especially those who are abroad who don't have the time to prepare for their big day, visit their FB page here.

Thank you so much once again, Marestelle and baby Niña for being my wedding dates this time!  

And to Arnold and Daisy, a blissful union to the both of you!  We pray for your safe travel as you fly your way back to Qatar.  And congratulations in advance for the upcoming little one!  Stay healthy and eat healthy, Daisy.  Take care of each other and more love love love! :)  #tosomweddings

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